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Foam tape: teach you 3 simple quizzes to test your health status

3 quizzes see health question
1, tape test

Prepare a tape, stick to the forehead, tear off after a few minutes, check the tape is not a trace of the line. If it exists, it will prove that the forehead has been ruthless products - wrinkles.
The presence of wrinkles is due to the destruction of collagen and elastic fibers in the body. The following two reasons are easy to cause wrinkles: first, the body is short of water, so adults drink at least 2 liters of water a day; second, ultraviolet radiation, so go out must rub sunscreen.

2, pencil test
The pencil vertical stand in the outer corner of the eye, if the eyebrows do not exceed the pencil tip and eyebrows sparse, then it is highly likely that you suffer from hypothyroidism, thyroid function is reduced.
The thyroid provides energy for the human body. Hypothyroidism will make our skin more and more dry, while there will be constipation, reduce human life. At this point do not self-medication, to the endocrine department doctor to do a comprehensive examination, if necessary, then medication

3, neck test
Hands and thumb and middle finger connected to hold the neck, if the fingers can not be connected to touch, then you may have been suffering from obesity and Pickwick syndrome.
Pickwick syndrome is a pathological condition of lack of pulmonary ventilation, manifested as sleep apnea and lethargy. To get rid of Pickwick syndrome, we must first lose weight.


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