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【TESA double-sided adhesive】 the authenticity of the identification method

Now high imitation technology is more and more superb, in the face of a screen without screening, 3m double-sided glue how to identify it? At present, 3M double-sided plastic fake products are more 3M9448,9080,9075,467 , 468, 4920, 429P, 4032, and the like. High imitation of its quality is a lot worse with the 3m, the current high imitation of the 3M tape is generally lower than the price of the original 600-1000 yuan or so. So do not say the cheaper the better, maybe you bought a fake. Here are a few simple 3m double-sided adhesive how to identify the true and false:
1. Desa double-sided adhesive from the outer look to see 3M box solid font printing clear;

TESA double-sided adhesive five advantages and features:

1, high coverage
2, excellent resistance to chemicals
3, excellent weather resistance and durability
4, excellent stress dispersion and absorption capacity
5, the absorption will make adhesive failure plasticizer

Second, authentic de Sha double-sided adhesive with anti-counterfeit labels

Genuine 3M double-sided plastic above a yellow logo has a logo, this is the security standard, false is not counterfeit. So in the purchase, we must recognize. Open the package to see if there is a 3M number on the paper tube and batch number, batch number can be used to call 021-62753535 hotline to Shanghai branch inquiries;

Three, de Sha double-sided release of paper on the LOGO, you can see genuine 3M double-sided relatively clear, and high imitation because of the low cost of technology did not keep up so it will look blurred;

Four, on the other hand experienced experts can be identified from the smell of de Sha double-sided adhesive

Five, genuine de Saxa double-sided plastic surface of the spots pattern


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