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How to make 3M glue to achieve the best results

3M glue is a high-performance, heavy-duty, high-temperature, and petroleum-based lubricant mixture reinforced with graphite and metal flakes.
Does not hard or evaporate in extremely cold or extremely hot conditions to prevent corrosion, corrosion, wear or bite of metal parts in extreme environments such as high temperatures. It also eliminates the need for abrasion of aluminum and stainless steel The Can be used to seal and fix the metal pipe and pipe fittings, fill the space between the metal parts thread, and prevent leakage after curing.
When it is fully cured, most of the piping system can be sealed to burst strength, if the pre-coated thread sealant is most suitable for industrial users, because 3M glue can improve the assembly speed and save the glue on the production line to ensure quality.
High-strength adhesive sealant In order to ensure good use of the results, it is recommended to test and then use, in order to achieve the best results 3M glue, we can be the first surface of the adhesive is clean, smooth, dry, if the sizing position , Especially when it is not easy to reach the air position, the time will be fully cured, if the temperature is low, curing time will be extended; bonding products, according to the requirements of bonding process, if the material Uneven or thin, please press the adhesive above, so as not to affect the effect.
In the operation should avoid contact with the skin or eyes, if inadvertently contact, immediately rinse with water and see a doctor, the studio should maintain good ventilation, if necessary, wear protective tools. I here to remind the user to use the thermal grease when filling the gap in the fixed components under the conditions of the proposed plastic coating the thinner the better.


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