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  • Transparent acrylic foam double-sided adhesive
Transparent acrylic foam double-sided adhesive

Transparent acrylic foam double-sided adhesive

  • Product description: Transparent acrylic foam double-sided adhesive
Transparent acrylic double-sided adhesive products have a wide range of applications, while the price also has a competitive advantage, for the need for enterprises to greatly reduce production costs. Welcome to call detailed consultation:

1 "thickness of the product to choose from: 0.25MM, 0.4MM, 0.5MM, 0.64MM, 0.8MM, 1.0MM, 1.2MM, 1.6MM, 2.0MM, 3.0MM, special thickness acceptable order!
2 "for the different design and product requirements for different, colloidal colors are: gray / white / transparent / black! MM
Product characteristics
Waterproof. Anti-vibration. Heat. Sound insulation. Strong adhesion. Good weather resistance, good dimensional stability. Punching performance excellent!
On the plastic. Metal. Wood. Paper and silicone. Plastic, etc. are not easy to paste the surface has a very good adhesion!
Peel strength. Good initial viscosity and shear strength balance!
With high adhesion .. in high and low temperature environment has a good adhesive durability.
High-strength bonding, high surface energy and low surface energy materials have excellent adhesion.
Anti-chemical solvent. Anti-moisture early adhesive high. With good shape. Anti-ultraviolet.
Applications include:
Glass curtain wall equipment, providing superior adhesion and dust tightness. At the same time with anti-UV, can meet the various needs of construction, such as: insulation. Connection. Bundling. Water. Repair. Seal.
The product application involves a variety of industrial production assembly processes including:
Electronic products processing and assembly, advertising. Electronic signs. LED board bonding and fixing; household appliances assembly. Metal plate stiffeners fixed; long-distance oil transmission pipeline corrosion, aerospace in the field of aircraft manufacturing and assembly The
Car: anti-rubbing bar. Bumper. Anti-collision plate. Mingban. Signs. Pedals, all kinds of cars. Motorcycle nameplate mark letters paste; car decoration strip. Water guide. Seal. Electrical shells. Structural structural adhesives for hardware; Mirrors. Rainshades. Various panels. Roof assembly.
Industrial: logo. Aluminum in the sign .PC.PP and ABS and other letters. Chinese characters. Patterns of the adhesive. Electronic signs. LED plate and the label frame of the paste fixed. Household appliances panel. Decorative. Air conditioning equipment Glass - glass assembly - Fixation - Steel plate bonding - Fixation of glass and stainless steel.
Electronics: Mobile phone .PCB. Assembly. LCD TV panel adhesive. Fixed nameplate.
Construction: Door and window assembly. Glass curtain wall. Aluminum curtain wall. Installation and fixing of elevator wall panels
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