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  • TESA51972 Sided Tissue Adhesive Tape
TESA51972 Sided Tissue Adhesive Tape

TESA51972 Sided Tissue Adhesive Tape

  • Product description: TESA51972 Sided Tissue Adhesive Tape
double-sided adhesive tesa4965
DeSha double-sided adhesive profile
TESA de la double-sided adhesive is Germany TESA (Desha) tape company honor products, widely used in computers, mobile phones, communications, household appliances, audio-visual equipment, automobiles and other products. Germany TESA is one of the largest tape manufacturers in the world, and the tape products manufactured by DeSha Tape Co., Ltd. have been renowned for its excellent quality in the past 120 years.
DeSha double-sided adhesive classification
1, according to the characteristics of double-sided adhesive, single-sided adhesive;
2, according to the substrate points:
Non-woven fabric double-sided adhesive (by non-woven substrate double-sided acrylic adhesive composition): such as TESA4959, TESA68646, TESA60975,
PVC substrate double-sided adhesive (made of PVC substrate double-sided acrylic adhesive composition) :: such as TESA4970, TESA4968, TESA, etc .;
PET film double-sided adhesive (by PET substrate double-sided acrylic adhesive composition): such as TESA4967, TESA4972, TESA4983, etc .; hot melt adhesive film: such as TESA8475, TESA8432 and so on;
Electrical insulation tape: such as TESA4287, TESA4298PV0 and so on;
TESA Desha double sided adhesive use requirements and storage requirements
TESA de la double-sided adhesive in the bonding, the need to operate in the following ways, can be enhanced bonding effect:
1, the first surface of the adhesive will be cleaned and dried, it is generally recommended to cloth 1: 1 IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water mixture on the surface of the surface after cleaning, until the surface is completely dry.
2. After drying the solvent to dry, attach the tape to the adhesive surface and apply a pressure of about 15 PSI (1.05 kg / cm虏) in a drum or other manner to effectively bond it.
3, the tape release paper tear, and then will need to paste the material paste, the same application of 15PSI pressure, so that the effective fit. If you want to remove the bubble, should increase the pressure to the limit of the item can be the upper limit.
4, paste the ideal temperature of 15-38 鈩, not less than 10 鈩.
5, tape bonding, should be one end of the first fit, and then slowly to the other end, to reduce the probability of air bubbles. TESA double-sided adhesive storage of the appropriate environmental requirements: temperature 19-23 鈩, humidity 40-60%.
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