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  • Waterproof double-sided adhesive foam
Waterproof double-sided adhesive foam

Waterproof double-sided adhesive foam

  • Product description: Waterproof double-sided adhesive foam
Waterproof foam double-sided adhesive The product sealing is very good, to meet the international requirements of 7 waterproof. Energy absorption, good recoil, high dimensional stability, high processing efficiency, as well as excellent temperature, flame retardant and weather resistance, in addition to non-slip, shock, aging and other properties.
The general thickness of 0.15mm \ 0.2mm \ 0.3mm \ 0.5mm ... \ 1.0mm \ ... \ 2.0mm. This product is suitable for portable electronic products, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras , PSP and some self-service medical products or the need for waterproof electrical appliances, can play a good waterproof, dust, shock effect.

Second, the superior performance:
1, ultra-thin - the world's thinnest 0.15 mm, to support the product of ultra-thin combination of miniaturization
2, waterproof - waterproof the best materials in the field, to the national waterproof seven standard
3, dust - excellent dust performance
4, low reactivity - to prevent deformation of the panel and the box
5, the impact of absorption - up to 55% of the impact absorption rate, shock, buffer the excellent choice
6, high temperature and humidity characteristics - harsh environment, stability and weather resistance
7, soft - although very thin, but very soft, with good compression performance

Third, use:
1, mobile phones, computers, PDA, PSP and other LCD or chassis buffer, dust with gaskets
2, keyboard plate buffer, dust with gaskets
3, camera, camera camera gasket
4, the speaker shock, buffer, dust with gaskets
5, LED shading, dust with gaskets
6, all kinds of waterproof gasket
7, the window is fixed
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