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  • Acetate cloth
  • Acetate cloth
  • Acetate cloth
Acetate clothAcetate clothAcetate cloth

Acetate cloth

  • Product description: Acetate cloth
鈻 Features: The use of imported high-quality vinegar weaving cloth as the substrate, with high temperature, solution solution, anti-aging
Jia Jia and other characteristics, with high temperature, resistant solution, anti-aging and other characteristics, with stable and reliable performance
Features, good insulation, flame retardant, high viscosity.
鈻 use: widely used as the electronics industry in the transformer, motor, wire speed, coil, fusible and variable frequency power supply
Suppliers and other insulation with the insulation material for the motor coil outside the packet.
Factory direct sales of acetic acid tape, the product length of 33m, width of any, please call to order. The The The The The The

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