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3M Double adhesive

  • 3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE
  • 3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE
3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE

3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE

  • Product description: 3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE
3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE profile

3M double-sided tape is in the paper, film or cotton paper and other substrates are coated with glue on both sides of a tape products. The thickness and performance of the adhesive layer and the substrate can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The products are widely used in aviation, home appliances, automobiles, electronic products and construction markets, for the object of bonding, fixed, sealed and so on.
3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE use and storage precautions

3M double-sided adhesive in the bonding, the need to operate in the following way, you can get enhanced bonding effect:
1, the first surface of the adhesive will be cleaned and dried, it is generally recommended to cloth 1: 1 IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water mixture on the surface of the surface after cleaning, until the surface is completely dry.
2. After drying the solvent to dry, attach the tape to the adhesive surface and apply a pressure of about 15 PSI (1.05 kg / cm虏) in a drum or other manner to effectively bond it.
3, the tape release paper tear, and then will need to paste the material paste, the same application of 15PSI pressure, so that the effective fit. If you want to remove the bubble, should increase the pressure to the limit of the item can be the upper limit.
4, paste the ideal temperature of 15-38 鈩, not less than 10 鈩.
5, tape bonding, should be one end of the first fit, and then slowly to the other end, to reduce the probability of air bubbles.
3M double-sided adhesive storage of the appropriate environmental requirements: temperature 19-23 鈩, humidity 40-60%.
3M double-sided adhesive 300SLE procurement techniques

3M double-sided adhesive is widely used in computers, mobile phones, communications, household appliances, audio-visual equipment, automotive and other products, should be based on the application of products and environmental needs to choose, refer to the following instructions:
1, non-woven substrate double-sided adhesive and good processing, the general long-term temperature 70-80 鈩, short-term temperature 100-120 鈩, the thickness of the general 0.08-0.15MM, suitable for Mingban, plastic paste Automotive, mobile phones, electrical appliances, sponge, rubber, signs, paper products, toys and other industries, home appliances and electronic equipment parts assembly, display lenses.
2, no substrate double-sided adhesive with excellent adhesion to prevent off and excellent waterproof performance, good processing, good temperature resistance, short-term temperature 204-230 鈩, the general long-term temperature 120-145 鈩, Thickness is generally 0.05-0.13MM, suitable for Mingban, panel, decorative pieces of bonding.
3, PET substrate double-sided adhesive temperature is good, strong shear resistance, generally long-term temperature 100-125 鈩, short-term temperature 150-200 鈩, the thickness of the general 0.048-0.2MM, suitable for Mingban, LCD , Decorations, decorative pieces of bonding.
4, foam substrate double-sided adhesive with a soft, paste service is good, the initial viscosity and sticky good, anti-solvent and anti-ultraviolet good, the general thickness of 0.4-1.0MM, short-term temperature 130-150 鈩, long-term resistance Temperature 80-93 鈩, for air conditioners, office furniture, communications products, bonding, can replace the screw fixed design, the product more beautiful.
5, hot melt film has a good consistency, uniform bonding thickness, solvent-free, easy processing, for many objects have good adhesion, the thickness of 0.1MM, the color is translucent / amber, hot melt Softening temperature 116-123 掳 C. Applicable to the nameplate, plastic, hardware bonding; in the uneven surface of the object can also get good results, it is recommended that the initial bonding conditions: temperature 132-138 鈩, bonding time 1-2 seconds, the pressure is 10 -20 pounds per square inch.
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