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Car for tape

  • 3M Car for tape
  • 3M Car for tape
  • 3M Car for tape
  • 3M Car for tape
3M Car for tape3M Car for tape3M Car for tape3M Car for tape

3M Car for tape

  • Product description: 3M Car for tape
Brand: 3M
Origin: United States
Short temperature resistance: 140 鈩
Packing: simple package
Specifications: The width of the whole 610mm, the total length of about 33 meters, according to customer-made any kind of width.
product description
1, the United States 3 M products, with its superb quality and professional characteristics of the world-renowned. 3M double-sided tape is the top tape.
2,3M 4229P tape its unique adhesion and stress dispersion characteristics, as well as its different environmental conditions and plasticizer superior resistance, forming the best and most lasting practical effect.
3,3M body exterior special tape can be widely used in automotive external components and accessories of the fixed and bonding, is recognized as the industry's technology leader.
This is the United States made genuine 3M thickness 1MM The product hand touch, glue is not big, because 3M is well-known stability, that is, when you fixed a good product, long-term can not afford, this is the characteristics of 3M just posted Do not feel the hand when he was because of the general hand sweat.
Genuine debate
First, smell the smell, the real taste is very light; the second is the weight of the weight, the real weight is relatively heavy; three is pinch it is real, no bubble feeling.
Recommended Use
Used for car crash bars, car keys, trim and other paste, especially for sealing, welcome pedal, sunny file paste.
Can also be used for home hook, accessories and other paste
Instructions for use
1, clean paste parts, keep dry;
2, the red rubber underwear peel, under normal circumstances, while slowly posted, while scraping with a tool, while exposed rubber;
3, if the tape is less than 10 cm in length, the red bead all tear off and then paste. But must be careful not to accidentally stick or fall off the ground to stick the dust;
4, paste the appropriate pressure after squeezing, according to 3M adhesive characteristics, please do not wash in 24 hours.
銆怣ain Ingredients銆 Acrylic foam
銆怱helf life銆 two years

Can be cut according to customer needs any width.

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